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Check out this article about Milt Dunnell, long-time sports writer for the Toronto Star. To commemorate his 100th birthday, a ballfield was dedicated "Milt Dunnell Field" in his honour. Brian "I'll Tell You What" Williams, previously of CBC and now of TSN/CTV, hosted the event and gave a good speech. My nephew Luc (yellow shirt in picture, just on Milt's left) plays on one of the teams that played a game that day as part of the ceremony. You can also see me lurking in the background of the photo (shadowy figure above kneeling photographer). I was getting up my nerve to speak to Toronto Blue Jays' President Paul Godfrey who was in attedance (he's the one right behind Luc).
Milt Dunnell Article from Toronto Star

Me and Paul Godfrey.
It's not every day you get to meet a 100-year-old man.
Or Paul Godfrey, President of the Blue Jays!.
When my brother Pete introduced his son Luc to Godfrey, he told him he'd see him again in about 8 years (when he's eligible for the draft). Let's hope so!

And here's an oldie but a goodie from 1991, I think.
Nothing like watching a baseball game with your Dad!

And here are some shots of Luc in action on the mound. Like many of us Wiebes, he's putting his tongue to good use. . .

Here's an article from the Victoria Times-Colonist in September, 1997, about folks from Victoria who make the road trip down to Seattle to see the Blue Jays -- including yours truly (check out the photo in the bottom row, second from the left):

Seattle's beautiful Safeco Field and a shot of the roof at SkyDome... er, I mean the Rogers Centre, opening:

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